Introducing sex toys to a relationship is an excellent way to spice things up and keep things interesting.

If you have been using pleasure products on your own in the past, you may be thinking about introducing them to your partner.

Making the big move to tell your partner about sex toys may be difficult for you, as you don’t know how they will react. 

Well, the way and manner you tell your partner about sex toys can determine if they will agree to try it out or not.

This article shed light on some tips that can help you convince your partner to try adult toys.

Choose the right time

The time you choose to tell your partner about sex toys can determine if they will give in to the idea or kick against it. Bringing up the topic after a stressful day or when your partner is busy is by no means a good idea.

The best time to introduce the topic is when both of you are relaxing in the bedroom or on the couch.

To increase the odds of your partner saying yes to the idea, you should praise your partner while having sex. Doing this will make your partner feel confident that he is satisfying your sexual needs.

As your partner’s confidence in his ability to satisfy you increases, so will the likelihood of him accepting the idea.

Introduce the topic in a subtle way

Bringing up the subject of sex toys out of the blue isn’t really a smart move, as your partner may be shocked and not want to talk about it.

Easing the topic in your conversation will increase the odds of your partner becoming curious about adult toys.

You can say something like- I found an interesting blog on the benefits of sex toys, what do you think about it? If your partner is curious about the subject, then you should give him the article to read.

Introducing sex toys this way will give you a window to gauge your partner’s reaction to the subject.  Even more, it will allow you to discuss the subject naturally.

Reassure your partner

Your partner’s preconceived notion about sex toys may hold him back from accepting the idea to try it out. To overcome this barrier, you have to reassure your partner that you love and enjoy your sex sessions. You should make clear the reason why you want to introduce adult toys to your relationship.  You can say something like – Sex toys can help us reach a deeper level of intimacy while having crazy fun.

Make it clear to your partner that a pleasure device will never take their place and that you enjoy the intimate time you spend with them.

Learn as much as you can about sex toys

Since your partner is new to adult toys, he is likely going to have tons of questions when you bring up the subject. Doing deep research to learn about sex toys will go long way in helping you answer these questions.  You answering his question may quell his doubts and put him at ease.

Note that telling your partner about toys made specifically for solo use isn’t really a good idea. It is better if you talk about toys that are made for couples.

Go shopping for sex toys together

If your partner embraces the idea of trying a sex toy, both of you should visit an online adult toy shop and pick something that will suit both of you. You and your partner will have a lot to discuss as you explore the different types of sex toys on the market.

Remember that you don’t have to make a final decision the first time you go shopping for a sex toy. So take things slowly until your partner is accustomed to different adult toys.

Don’t pressure your partner

If you feel your partner has accepted the idea of trying sex toys, you may be tempted to pressure him to purchase a sex toy as soon as possible. Well, the truth is that nobody likes being pressured.

Instead of pushing your partner to purchase a sex toy, you should leave the subject alone for a while.

Allow them to experiment with sex toys

To help your partner become comfortable with sex toys you should allow them to experiment with them.

Once they experience the pleasurable sensations it offers, they will be motivated to use the toy with you. A cock ring is an excellent toy you can give your partner to experiment with.

Final note

Convincing your partner to try a sex toy isn’t going to be easy. Everything from their preconceived notion about adult toys to their personal insecurities can hold them back. Applying the tips discussed in this article will help you scale through these barriers.