Do you want to gift a sex toy to your close friend? If yes, a lot may be going through your head right now. On the one hand, you may be wondering if they are going to like the toy and enjoy using it. On the other hand, you may be concerned if they are going to be offended by it. 

The bottom line is that buying gifts for friends and loved ones is often difficult. It is even more difficult when you are buying an adult toy, as there is a lot to consider. 

This article will shed light on some tips about gifting adult toys. The article is also going to help you determine if you should gift an adult toy to a friend or not. 

Easy ways to know if it’s a good idea to gift a sex toy to someone 

Before heading to your favorite adult toy store to shop for a bullet vibrator or a dildo for your friend, you should ask yourself this question. Am I close to this person? If you answered yes, you should proceed to ask yourself the next two questions. 

  • Have I been sexually intimate with this person? 
  • Is the person a close friend that I can freely discuss sexual stuff with? 

If you answered yes, you any of these questions you can start shopping for the perfect adult toy gift for them. 

Note that it is never a good idea to gift sex toys to just anyone, as things could get awkward very quickly. To be on the safe side, you should not gift sex toys to your family members, colleagues at work, and acquaintances. 

Of course, there are times when you will get away with gifting an adult toy to people in these categories, but it is best to play it safe. 

How to Gift Sex toys- Tips that will guide you

Consider the preference of the person receiving the toy 

It is easy to assume that your favorite sex toy will be perfect for your friend. But that isn’t always the case. As you know, everyone has unique tastes and preferences. So the sensations you enjoy, may not be what they are into. 

If your recipient already has a sex toy collection, you may be able to decern the type of vibe they are into. You should opt for something small and easy to use if it is your first time gifting them a sex toy. 

And if you have no idea of the type of vibe they are into or are clueless about their sexual preferences, you shouldn’t gift they adult toys.

Present the toy at the perfect time 

The time and place you gift your friend a sex toy matters. If you are in the company of close friends you discuss anything with (including sexual stuff), you can give your adult toy gift a sex toy in public.

However, if you are in an event with lots of strangers, you shouldn’t give them a sex toy gift there, as it may be embarrassing for them. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, you should gift them the toy in private or in the company of close friends. 

Keep your expectations in check- remember that it is about them, not you

When you gift a sex toy to someone you are sexually intimate with or your partner, you may start having some expectations. You may start thinking that they will want to use the new sex toy with you. But that may not be the case. People use their adult toys in different ways. Some may want to use it alone, while others may want to incorporate it into their intimate time with their partner. 

Note that your partner may also choose to use the toy once in a while or not use it at all. Regardless of what they decide, you should respect their decision. You should always remember that the gift isn’t for you, but for them. So they should decide how and when to use it.

Things you should avoid when gifting sex toys

  • Never should you gift a sex toy to someone you don’t know. They may find it offensive. 
  • Don’t give a close friend an adult toy at a public event.
  • Never should use a sex toy gift as a way to break the ice or flirt with someone.

Final note 

Gifting someone a sex toy is by no means easy, as you don’t know if they will like the gift or will find it offensive. To be on the safe side, it is best you only gift adult toys to people you have a very close relationship with. It is also a good idea to consider their taste and preference before making a final decision.