Improving communication in your relationship should be at the top of your priorities, regardless of how long you have been with your partner. Healthy communication can make a relationship thrive and promote openness and trust between couples

If you have been having a hard time communicating with your partner, you should take a step back, restrategize, and change your approach. Making a few changes in your mindset and how you talk and listen, is going to turn things around. 

This article will arm you with some tips that will help you communicate better with your partner. 

Why do couples have communication issues?

When you were dating your partner, you likely had deep conversations and shared your ideas with them. Back then, you looked forward to telling your partner about your day and the issues you are facing. 

If you are having trouble communicating with your partner right now, chances are, one or two communication barriers are blocking you. 

Well, the good news is that you can scale through your communication issues easily. 

Telltale signs that you need to improve the communication in your relationship

The first step to improving communication with your partner is to acknowledge that you and your partner aren’t communicating well. Here are some signs that you have communication issues. 

  • One way communication
  • Getting personal 
  • Disrespecting your partner with your words 
  • Negative talks 

5 ways to improve communication in your relationship 

Tearing down communication barriers will improve the communication in your relationship drastically

To have a great relationship with your partner, you need to be able to communicate with him freely about sex toys and other important things. If there are barriers preventing you or your partner from communicating at a deeper level, you need to take swift action to break them down. 

Communication barriers are never going to disappear on their own unless you do something about them. 

To break down the communication barriers that are slowly killing your relationship, you need to remove blame, defensiveness, and criticism from your interactions. 

Wrong timing can ruin the communication in your relationship 

When it comes to communication, timing is everything

Do you know that the time you choose to talk to your partner can determine if they will listen to you or not? 

Even if your partner is loving and caring, there are going to be times when he will feel down, angry, or unhappy. Discussing important issues with him or criticizing him during such times isn’t going to yield good results. It is best you let him be and wait for a better time to discuss with him. 

Don’t scream or yell at your partner 

Regardless of how heated a conversation gets, you should never scream or yell at your partner. You see, when you do this your partner may get irritated and yell back at you or walk out on you. 

So instead of screaming when your partner accuses you of something or says something that offends you, you halt the conversation or ask for a break. 

Talk less, listen more 

The reason why you are having communication issues with your partner may be because you talk more than you listen or you don’t know the importance of listening. 

If you develop a habit of listening when your partner is talking, you will understand them better. And if your partner notices that you listen carefully when he is speaking, he is likely going to do the same. 

When discussing with your partner, you should never assume any or arrive at any conclusion without first hearing everything they have to say. Making any assumptions will make your partner feel misunderstood. Misunderstanding can make your partner become frustrated and build communication barriers. 

So the next time your partner is talking, don’t interrupt him or listen to give a response. Rather you should listen to understand what he is saying. 

Embracing honesty will improve the communication in your relationship 

No relationship will thrive if both parties aren’t honest.  

So, if lying is your thing, your relationship is going to suffer, as your partner won’t believe most of the things you say. 

Regardless of how great your communication skill is, it isn’t going to matter if you aren’t honest with your partner. 

Keep in mind that being honest doesn’t only mean being truthful. It also involves being honest in your viewpoint and feelings. 

So if you aren’t ok with something your partner said or did, it’s best you say it. Doing this will make him understand you better and trust you.  

Final note 

Applying the tips discussed in this article will go a long way in helping you communicate better with your partner. Remember that breaking down communication barriers takes time and effort. So don’t expect your relationship to become perfect overnight.