Figuring out how to use nipple clamps correctly is a challenge many couples and singles face. And even if the one you bought came with some instructions, you will always wonder if you are doing things right. Well, the truth is that using a nipple clamp isn’t as complicated as you think, you have to understand how they work and some unique ways to use them. 

Just like other sex toys, nipple clamps need to be used correctly to have a pleasurable and safe experience. This article will shed light on the right way to use a nipple clamp. 

A guide on how to use nipple clamps 

Nipple clamps are a must-have sex toy for people who enjoy nipple stimulation. Many people have the notion that nipple clamps are made exclusively for women. But that is far from the truth. Men can use it as well. 

Presently, nipple clams are one of the most sorted out sex toys, as they can deliver loads of pleasure to anyone regardless of their sexuality, nipple size, gender, and even their breast size. 

Below are some steps to using nipple clamps. 

Get the right nipple clamp

There are different types of nipple clamps on the market. The one you choose may affect the experience you have. It is best you opt for high-quality models made with durable materials that can last for a long time. 

Even if you opt for a top-quality nipple clamp, you still have to decide if you will go with one with a chain or without a chain. 

When to choose nipple clamps with a chain 

  • If you like how they look– Many women love how nipple clamps with a chain look on them. If you think you will look hot when you wear them, then you should opt for them.
  • You have a partner– Nipple clamps attached to a chain are perfect for couples. Your partner can pull on the chain or twist it during intercourse or foreplay. 
  • Solo game– Since nipple clamps can help you get intense orgasms, you can use them when masturbating solo. You can put the chain in your mouth or yank it carefully to increase stimulation. 

How to use nipple clamps 

Hard nipples– Before applying the clamp, ensure that your nipples are hard. This way you will experience intense pleasure. 

Adjust the clamp– If the pressure gets too intense, you should release the clamp a little. It will be in your best interest to opt for adjustable clamps, as you can adjust their intensity easily. 

Below are some steps on how to put on a nipple clamp

  • Carefully open the clamp fully
  • Place them on your nipples and tighten them slowly
  • Wait for 60 seconds before adjusting them 
  • Feel free to re-adjust

How long should I use the clamps? 

If you are new to nipple clamps or are using them for the first time, you will likely wonder how long you should use them. Sex experts have pointed out that it is best to use it for 5 to 15mins if the clamps are tight. However, if the clamps aren’t tight, you can leave them for 20 to 30mins.  

As you become more comfortable with your nipple clamp, you can increase the time. 

Taking them off

To prevent injuries, you have to take off your nipple clamp the right way. Instead of yanking them off or pulling them, you should carefully reduce the clamp’s pressure. Do this slowly. 

Make sure you exhale when removing them, this way your body will be able to process the pain better. 


If your partner is new to nipple clamps, it is critical that you ask her/him how they feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

When to take it off

Carefully take off your nipple clamps when you notice any of the following.  

  • Your nipple turns blue 
  • You see blood 
  • The pain becomes unbearable

Final note 

If you enjoy nipple stimulation, you should consider getting a nipple clamp, as it is easy to use and make you experience stronger orgasms. Following the tips discussed in this article will help ensure that you have an amazing experience when using them.