Telling your partner that you love and care for him will not only make his day but will also improve the quality of your relationship. 

While some men love to be told that they are loved verbally, others want to reassure through actions. 

Telling your partner that you love them through your actions is a bit more difficult or challenging than telling him verbally, as it involves a little bit of effort from your end. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at some great ways to express your love for your partner with your actions. 

7 ways to tell your partner you love him 

Pay attention when he is talking to you. 

Sometimes the little things have the biggest impact on a relationship. Many couples may think that not paying attention when their partner is talking won’t affect their relationship in a grand way. But that is far away from the truth. Mike Dow, a relationship expert, and therapist pointed out that men may feel like they aren’t important when they are ignored or aren’t listed to. 

So if you are on a date with your partner and you are on your phone texting he is definitely not going happy with you. 

On the flip side, if you focus on him and listen to what he is saying you are indirectly telling him that love him and that he is important to you. 

While interruptions cannot be totally eliminated, you need to make an effort to reduce them to the barest minimum. 

Lady wearing a hot dress

Wearing a dress he loves is an easy way to tell your partner you love him 

If you have been with your partner for a while, there is a chance that you have become complacent and no longer dress as hot as you use to dress before. While this isn’t really a major issue, you need to keep in mind that little things can cause major problems. 

You see, when you don’t put an effort to look sexy, your partner is likely going to assume that you don’t desire him. 

As you likely know, men’s brain responds more to things they see. So wearing something hot can make a huge difference. 

Tell your partner you love him by stepping out of your comfort zone

Do you want to keep your relationship exciting and your partner happy?  If yes, then you should step out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

This can mean everything from learning new ways to stimulate your partner sexually to trying out sex toys. Sex toys are easy to use and can help couples experience new sensations. So if your partner is into sex toys, you should consider buying a model that is made for couples. 

Prepare his favorite meal 

You man is going to love you even more if you prepare something he loves from time to time. As the popular saying goes- The path to a man’s heart is through his belly. 

So when you prepare something he loves, he is going to know that you really love and care for him, If you have been preparing great dishes for your partner, you should consider making something different. For example, you can bake a cake, or something delicious that he is into. 

Alan Hirsch, a smell and taste expert, pointed out in his research that men are aroused by sweet scents. If you aren’t sure about what to prepare, then you should make a pumpkin pie. You won’t regret it. 

Taking good care of yourself is one of the best ways to tell your partner that you love him 

Taking care of yourself won’t only improve your relationship with your partner, but will also improve your general health

So start eating right and working out regularly. Give up bad habits like smoking, and start pampering and taking good care of yourself. You doing this communicates that you want to have a long and healthy relationship with your partner. 

Complement your partner 

Instead of telling your partner, you love him, you should give him compliments on his looks or physical appearance. As you likely know, most people love it when they are complemented. 

Keep in mind that your compliments have to be genuine. 

Don’t forget that you can complement everything from your man’s hard work to his leadership skills.. What’s important is that you tell him something nice. 

Final note 

No relationship is perfect. Every now and then, some issues are going to spring up. One way to keep your relationship floating is by showing your partner you love him You can do this by preparing something he loves, stepping out of your comfort zone, and listening to him.