There are so many home items you can use for nipple play. Whether you are on a trip and you forgot your nipple sucker sex toy or your 3d print nipple clamp is faulty, you may wonder if there are items you can use as an alternative. Luckily for you, there are. This article is going to unveil some of them. 

The nipple is one of the main erogenous zones in the body. But many people don’t give it the attention it deserves. What they fail to realize is that we can experience a great deal of pleasure and even an orgasm when the nipples are stimulated properly. A study conducted in 2011 found that the part of the brain that activates during intercourse is also activated during nipple play. 

Whether you are new to nipple play and are looking for something easy to use or an advanced player in search of something that can deliver a wide range of intensity there is a household item that will suit your needs.  

Best Household items you can use for nipple play


There are two ways you can use tweezers for nipple play. The first way is straightforward. All you have to do is use the end of the tweezers to pinch your nipple. The second way is a bit more complicated. It involves transforming your tweezer into a makeshift nipple clamp. You will need a rubber band to do this. Place the tweezer on your nipple and use a rubber band to hold the other end of the tweezer. 

3d printed models 

Do you have a 3d printer? If you do, you should consider making a 3d print nipple clamp you can use until you can purchase a new nipple clamp. Since you are 3d printing the clamp at home, you have the freedom to tweak it to your taste. Be sure to consider the size of your nipple. If you need help with the design, there are tons of resources on the internet that can help you. 


Pegs or clothpins can also be used as a nipple clamp. You can experiment with different types and styles of them to narrow down the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that the intensity of the peg is determined by the strength of the peg spring.

Bobby pins- one of the most common home items you can use for nipple play

This is a common household item that is lying somewhere in your home. You may have to check a few areas to find them. Bobby pins are very easy to use for nipple play. You just have to pull apart the pin and place it on your nipple. You can adjust it by moving the pin either up or down. 

Paper clips 

Paper clips are another great nipple clamp alternative. Using them is pretty straightforward. You just have to clip them to your nipples. Squeeze them carefully to increase intensity and make them tighter. 

Mini Spatula 

If you have a spatula lying around in your home you should consider using it for nipple play. You can use it gently to spank or graze the boobs and nipples of your partner. You can also use it to stroke and tickle the nipple. 

Final note 

There you have it, some common nipple clam alternatives you can find at home. While these items are great, they may not be able to take the place of a real nipple clamp. So you should consider getting a new one. If you want something unique, you should opt for a 3d print nipple clamp. You are going to love it.