How to build a sex room is a recent Netflix series that expanded the horizons of many couples. The eight-episode series was able to help viewers get a clear picture of what a sex room is. 

If you are new to sex room or you know a few things about it, you may have the notion that it is like a dungeon or a basement filled with chains, whips, and other kinky stuff. But that isn’t always the case. 

A sex room is a visually appealing space where couples can bring their fantasies to life. The vibe of the space should ignite their senses, make them relaxed, and give them an opportunity to try new things. If you have an extra room in your home, you should consider transforming it into a sex room. 

Building a sex room may seem like a daunting task, especially if you aren’t an interior decor expert. See, you don’t need to be a home improvement expert or be versed in kinky stuff to build a sex room. You just have to be open-minded, creative, and willing to try new things. 

This article is going to shed light on some design tips that will help ensure that your sex room is functional and can address your sexual needs. 

How to build a sex room- 5 tips that will help you.

Choosing the perfect space 

The first step to building the perfect sex room is choosing the right space or room. If you have an extra room in your home or an unused basement, you can easily transform it into a sex room. If you don’t have an extra room in your home, you should do some brainstorming to see if you can find a space you can use. For example, if you have a walk-in closet or a second living room, you can use it as a sex room. 

However, if you don’t have any spare space to use as a sex room, you should follow the tips below. 

  • Clean your bedroom– Your goal here is to ensure that your bedroom is well-organized and clutter-free. 
  • Distractions– Remove everything that can distract you and your partner. Ensure that there is nothing that will get in the way during your private time with your partner. 
  • Give your bedroom a makeover– Since your bedroom is also going to serve as your sex room, it is important that you add a few decor pieces and change the color theme you are presently using.  

Build a sex room that is visually stunting 

The design and aesthetics of your sex room should match your vibe and that of your partner. Transforming an empty room into a space with a sexy vibe isn’t as difficult as you think. The first step to making your sex room look amazing is to choose a rich color and texture. If there is a color you gravitate towards, you should use it. However, if you can’t narrow down a color, you should pick natural hues like purple, black, and red. Couples who love a space with a clean look should use white wallpapers with a lot of texture. If you are into the outdoors and nature, you should add things like a water feather. A Green and brown decor piece will fit in perfectly. 

Feel free to buy any accessory that will make your sex room more visually and aesthetically pleasing. Your bottom line should be to build a sex room that is clean, organized, and comfortable. 

 Opt for different sex toys 

Once you are done decorating your sex room, you should start investing in some high-quality sex toys. While you have the freedom to opt for any sex toys, it is wise you start with a vibrator. Sex experts have pointed out that many women require clitoral stimulation to climax. Vibrators are perfect for stimulation of the clit and other sensitive areas.  Since there are different types of vibrators, it is important that you get a clear picture of your needs before making a final decision. 

Besides vibrators, there are other sex toys and kinky items you can try. For example, you can use a sex swing, wrist cuffs, pinwheel, mattress restraints, whips, and so on. 

Final note 

Building a sex room is a rewarding project that will bring you and your partner closer. Of course, there are going to be a lot of challenges that will pop up along the way. But if you work as a team and do a little research you will be able to scale through them. Following the tips discussed in this article will help ensure that your sex room is perfect.