Sex is important in a relationship, but it isn’t the glue that holds a relationship together. Everyone is different and has unique needs and preferences, especially when it comes to sex. Everything from one’s personal beliefs to the nature of the relationship they are in can affect how we view sex. 

Many happy couples don’t have sex regularly with their partner or don’t have sex at all. Here are some of the main reasons why people may not want to have sex. 

  • They have an underlying health condition 
  • Low sex drive 
  • Wanting to be married first before having sex 
  • Wanting to know the person they are dating better before having sex 

Sexless relationships aren’t necessarily unhealthy. Sex isn’t necessary for a relationship to thrive. That said, it is worth noting that sex offers a lot of benefits. This article is going to unveil some of the perks associated with having regular sex. 

Reasons why sex is important in a Relationship

Emotional Benefits 

Sex can have a huge impact on your emotions. Couples who have sex regularly may enjoy the following emotional benefits. 

Less stress 

Sex can help reduce stress and take your mind off the issues that may be bothering you. You can be confident of having an amazing time if you use sex toys.

Improve bond 

Having sex regularly can improve the bond and strengthen the relationship you have with your husband or wife. Sex is a medium for you to express how much you care and love them. 

Boost your self-confidence 

Sex can help you connect not just with your partner but also with yourself. You will learn to accept your own body. Accepting your body will not only boost your confidence but also your self-esteem.  

Physical benefits of sex 

Sex can have a positive impact on your body and general health. Having regular sex may increase the likelihood of your enjoying some of these benefits. 

Better immune system 

A study conducted in 2004 found that individuals who have regular sex have better immune systems. 

Boost brain function

A 2016 study suggests that regular sex can improve cognitive function. The participants of the study who were sexually active had a better memory than those who weren’t active sexually. 

Can help reduce headaches 

Do you experience mild to severe migraines? If yes, you should consider having sex a bit more often. According to a 2013 study, sex can soothe migraines and headaches. 

Makes your heart function better

Sex is a light exercise that can improve your heart health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease and a few other conditions. 

Note that people who don’t have sex at all or have sex once in a while will not become sick or have emotional issues. These people can also live happy healthy lives.  

Sex is important in a relationship- other ways to be intimate with your partner 

Sex is a great way to connect with your partner, but it isn’t the only way. There are a few other ways you can be affectionate with your partner, below are a few of them. 

  •  Kisses 
  •  Holding hands 
  •  Cuddling
  •  Massages 

Sex is important in a relationship but Why do couples stop having sex regularly? 

During the early stages of a relationship, couples usually have sex regularly. But after some months or even years, their sexual activity may start to gradually decline. Below are some of the common causes of low sex drive. 

  • Certain medical conditions  
  • High-stress levels 
  • Ages 
  • Certain Medications 
  • Trauma

If your sex drive has reduced drastically over the last couple of weeks, months, or years, you should consider visiting a doctor.  

Final Note 

The importance of having regular sex cannot be overemphasized. Sex can improve your general and emotional health. Even more, it can help you connect with your partner at a deeper level. Keep in mind that your health isn’t going to decline if you choose not to have sex.