Most people get indecisive when choosing a wand massager.

With so many models with amazing features on the market, it is difficult for them to make a final decision. To narrow down the best model for your needs there are a few things you must give careful consideration to. This article is going to shed light on some of them. 

Choosing a wand massager that you will love 

Wand massagers are amazing and powerful sex toys, but not all models will be good for you. Some may have a few fancy features that you may not be a big fan of. Others may not be powerful enough to make you climax. To prevent yourself from buying the wrong model, you first have to have a clear picture of the things you want from a wand massager. For example, if you want a model with a good design and straightforward controls, you should keep these features in mind when shopping. 

5 Things to consider when choosing a wand massager 


This is the single most important feature you should pay attention to when shopping for a sex toy. You see, if a toy is powerful, it will be able to stimulate you to orgasm easily. 

Generally, wand massagers are more powerful than dildos and bullet vibrators. But when compared against each other, you will find out that some models can produce stronger vibrations than others. 

You can get an idea of the power of a massager by looking at its specifications. Going through its reviews may also give you a picture of how powerful it is. 

Keep in mind that wand massagers that use electricity are more powerful than those that are battery-powered. 


Wand massagers have a different set of controls depending on their size, brand, and a few other factors. There are models with a scrolling dial you can use to increase and lower the power of the device. There are also models with straightforward controls like a flip or button. 

Noise level 

The last thing you want is a massager that is noisy. Besides killing the mood and making it difficult for you to relax, it can disturb your roommate. So it is wise you choose a model that isn’t very noisy. You can determine the noise level of a massager by going through its specifications. Going through reviews left by other buyers can also give you an idea of how noisy it is.

Choosing a wand massager with accessories 

Wand massagers usually come with accessories you can easily attach them to the head of the device. Using these accessories can help you experience new sensations and extra pleasure. So anytime you crave a new experience, you should use these accessories. 


When shopping for a wand massager you are going to come across different models with unique designs and colors. If you have a small hand, you should opt for a model that you can hold and use easily. Larger models are somewhat difficult to use, as they are heavy and bulky. 

It is also a good idea to pick a model with a color that you love. Since you are going to be using it for a long time, it makes sense to choose a device with your favorite color. 

If you have a roommate and want to hide your massager from her, you should consider investing in a storage case. Be sure to consider the size of the device before making a final decision. 

Final note 

Wand massagers are an excellent addition to your sex toy collection. They are powerful, easy to use, and have straightforward controls. To choose the right one for your needs, you have to consider everything from their design and size to their power and noise level. Be sure to grab a storage case along with it.