Learning the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation will improve your sex life. Studies have shown that 37% of women require clitoral stimulation to climax. And even if you can climax without clitoral stimulation, it is still important that you explore sex positions that can stimulate it. Sex experts have pointed out that clitoral stimulation can help with lubrication and arousal. Even more, it will open you to a world of pleasure. 

Thanks to sex toys singles can stimulate their clit without any hassle. If you have a partner, you should consider exploring some sex positions that can effectively stimulate your clit. In this article, we are going to be unveiling some of these sex positions.

Before we dive right into the nitty gritty of this article, we are first going to look at what the clitoris is and where the clitoris is located. 

What is the clit and where is it located?

The clitoris is a sensitive part of the vulva. It has over 8000 nerve endings. The clitoris has one main function, to make you experience pleasure. 

Locating the clitoris isn’t as difficult as you think. You can find the clit at the front end of the vagina (2-4 meters from the entrance of the vagina)

 4 Best Sex Positions for Clitoral Stimulation


You are surely going to love this sex position if you are into deep penetration, intimacy, and clit stimulation. This position can be done on the bed or on the floor. The penetrating partner will sit on a comfortable surface and spread their legs out. They can also choose to cross them. The receiving partner sits on the lap of the partner with and penis and lowers themselves down to be penetrated. Your focus while performing this position should be grinding, as it will increase clitoral stimulation. 

Doggie style – One of the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation 

Doggie style is perfect for clit stimulation as it gives you the freedom to stimulate your clit with your hand. To do this, you may have to lower your chest down or rest it on something and then use your hands to stimulate your clit. Trust me, you are going to love it. 

Doggie style allows room for flexibility, as the receiving partner can choose to kneel or bend while being penetrated from the back. The penetrating partner can use a sex toy to stimulate the clitoris. 

Reverse Cowpoke

This is a variation of the cowpoke sex position. While this sex position isn’t the easiest to pull off, it creates room for clit simulation. 

Here, the penetrating partner lies on the bed or a comfortable surface with their legs stretched out. The partner with a vagina will then saddle them and face the direction of their feet. You can choose to stimulate your clit with your hands or with a sex toy while being penetrated.

Tabletop- One of the easiest sex positions for clitoral stimulation

Tabletop is by far one of the easiest sex positions for clit stimulation. All you need to pull off this sex position is a flat surface. The receiving partner can lie on a table, bed (the edge), or any other surface, as long as it is flat and comfortable. The penetrating partner will stand in front of them. This sex position leaves room for one or both partners to stimulate the clitoris either with their hands or a sex toy. 

Final note 

There you have it, some of the best sex positions for clit stimulation. Whether you are new to clitoris stimulation or you are an expert, exploring the positions unveiled in this article will take your experience to the next level.

Ensure that you are comfortable and that you communicate with your partner while trying out any of the above sex positions. Of course, you have the freedom to use your hands while trying out any of these positions, but you have to keep in mind that a sex toy can do a better job than your hands. You should consider grabbing a wand massager or bullet vibrator. You won’t regret it.