Sensory play during sex- have you ever come across this term? If you haven’t, now is the time to learn about it, as it can take your sex game to the next level.  

Regardless of how perfect your relationship is or how amazing your partner is, there are going to be times when your sex life is going to feel boring or stalled. 

If you are in this boat and you want to turn things around quickly, you should consider stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

A simple but effective way to spice things up is to engage in sensory sex. But what exactly is sensory sex? If you are like most people, you may assume that it is about being blindfolded while being intimate with your partner. But that really isn’t the case. Sensory sex is way more intricate than that. 

This article is going to help you understand what sensory play is all about and how to incorporate it into sex life. 

What exactly is sensory play during sex? 

Sensory play involves engaging our senses while having sex. Doing this can intensify pleasure and deepen intimacy. As you know, we have many senses (Visual, tactile, auditory, and so on). But not all of them can help you and your partner experience heightened sexual pleasure. Only a handful of these senses can.  

Benefits of sensory play during sex

Megwyn White, a reputable clinical sexologist pointed out that sensory sex offers a lot of benefits. From improving pleasure and intimacy to boosting our mood and well-being, the perks of sensory sex are endless. As soon as you embrace sensory sex, you are going to notice a kind of glow to your skin complexion. Your muscles will become stronger, your mental well-being will improve, your creativity will skyrocket and you will feel a lot better about yourself. 

A guide to incorporating sensory play during sex

Below are some effective ways to stimulate some of your main senses while having sex with your partner. 


What we see can improve our mood and arouse us. Just looking at your partner’s curves can turn you on and prepare you to have passionate sex with them. Here are some tips on how to incorporate sight. 

Get normal or scented candles– Having a candle around is extremely romantic. What’s even more fun is blowing them out. 

Strip tease– Get your partner something sexy to wear and gradually remove each layer of clothing, 

The right light-The light in your bedroom may make you see things in a more or less pleasurable way. Try getting either colored bulbs or lamps that produce soft light. This will create a refreshing warmth in the room and a nostalgic ambiance. 

Blindfolds– Using blindfolds is a great way to heighten the other senses of your partner. 


Research suggests that our skin has more than 4 million touch receptors. These receptors can detect everything from the vibration of sex toys, wetness from lubes, and hot and cold sensations. Here is how to incorporate touch. 

Play with touch– the goal here is to touch your partner in different ways. There are no right and wrongs here. You just have to switch between intense and mild touch. 

Hot and cold sensation– you can use a heated sex toy or ice to tease the sensitive parts of your partner’s body. 

Forplay– This is a great way to explore your partner’s body. Note that some women enjoy foreplay more than penetration. 

Warm baths– Taking warm baths can soothe the skin and prepare our body for intimacy. 


This is a sense that many couples don’t stimulate during intimacy. Eating chocolate, sipping wine, tasting your partner’s fluid (kissing), or delighting in other sensual foods can stimulate our taste sense. Below are some ways to stimulate taste. 

  • Fruits, sweets, honey, and chocolates can add a unique flavor to your sex session. 
  • Try flavored lubes
  • Exchange fluids or wine (mouth-to-mouth)

Smell – sensory play during sex

This is one of our most erotic senses. As pointed out by experts, our sense of smell is linked to our limbic system, which controls our sexual impulses.  Here are some ways to incorporate smell. 

  • Find out and wear your partner’s favorite perfume. 
  • Use massage candles
  • Use scented candles with rich scents like Ylang Ylang, vanilla, and sandalwood. 

Final note 

Sensory sex play can take your solo game to the next level and improve sex with your partner. Applying the tips discussed in this article will help you stimulate some of the major senses of your partner. As mentioned above embracing sensory sex play can do a lot more than improve your sexual experience. It can also boost your mood, improve your complexion, and increase your creativity.