The ways you use lube will determine how enjoyable your sexual experience will be. If you are like most people, you may have the notion that lube is only used during penetrative sex. But that’s not the case. Sex experts have buttressed that lube can be used for any form of play. Whether you want to engage in anal, oral, solo, or partnered play, you can use lube.

Regardless of the type of stimulating lube you have, you can be confident of having a pleasurable experience. That said, it will be in your best interest to avoid scented lube or lube that contains sugar. Using them may increase the risks of skin reaction, yeast growth,  and other conditions. You should stick to silicone, water-based, and oil-based lube. 

After narrowing down a lube that suits your needs, you should try out any of the suggestions to get the most out of it.  

Pleasurable ways to use stimulating lube 

Use it with your adult toys 

Whether you have a bullet vibrator, a butt plug, or a nipple clap, you can use it with lube.

See, lube isn’t made exclusively for the skin, you can use it on your sex toys too. Applying the right generous amount of lube to your sex toy will increase pleasure and make it stimulate you even better. 

If you have silicon sex toys, you should use water-based lube, as it is easy to wash off and won’t damage your toys. Using silicon-based lube on silicone sex toys will cause them to degrade quickly. 

When giving your partner a blow job

As mentioned above flavored lube can cause certain conditions. That said, If you use it at the right time, it won’t cause any issues.

Applying flavored lube to the vagina is a big no-no. Applying it on the dick before giving a blow job can result in something amazing. Since the lube tastes good, it will make BJ seem more fun and less like work. 

If you plan on having intercourse afterward, you should take a quick shower or use an unscented wipe. Alternatively, you can use a condom

During anal sex 

There is no limit to the amount of lube you can use during anal sex. Unlike the vagina which can self-lubricate, the anus cannot lubricate itself. So it is important to use enough lube so that things can slide in and out easily. Remember that not using enough lube during anal penetration can result in injury and irritation. So don’t hold back.  

Lube up when showering- One of the most pleasurable ways to use stimulating lube

Let’s face it, shower sex is great. You can make it more fun if you use stimulating lube. Using lube in the shower may not seem like a good idea to some.

This is likely because they think that water will wash away the lube. Well, if you use the right lube water won’t wash it off. Silicon lube is perfect for bathroom action, as it doesn’t wash away easily. Even more, it doesn’t break down condoms. 

Level up your fingering game with lube 

Poking the vagina of your partner when she isn’t wet isn’t going to feel great for you and her. You can address this by applying lube on your hands as well as her clitoris and vagina. This will increase pleasure and prevent injury.

When giving massages

Does your partner enjoy massages? If yes, you should consider using lube the next time you give them one. Using a warming or a cooling lube can take their experience to the next level. Be sure you tell your partner first before using any type of lube. 

Remember to apply a few drops of lube on your partner’s nipples and massage them carefully. Feel free to apply on yours too. 

Final note 

Stimulating lube is a must-have for couples and for singles who enjoy solo action. It can be used for any type of play be it anal, oral, or penetrative sex. Using the right type of lube is critical to having a good sexual experience. Water-based lube can be used in any scenario. Oil-based lube is great but can increase the risk of condom rupture. Silicon lube is amazing, but must not be used with silicone sex toys.