Sex toy rules are meant to protect you and improve your experience when using sex toys. Whether you are using a portable bullet vibrator or a heavy-duty wand vibrator, safety should always be at the back of your mind. 

Since the adult toy industry isn’t regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) you should be extra careful when using adult toys

To ensure that you have an amazing experience each time you use your favorite sex toy, there are a few rules you should follow. This article is going to shed light on some of them

Sex toy rules you should live by 

Don’t use a sex toy without knowing the material it is made from

Sex toys are made with materials like glass, wood, plastic, silicone, and metals. If you are allergic to plastic or a certain type of wood you should stay away from adult toys made from them. 

It is also wise to avoid squishy plastic sex toys. Since the adult toy industry isn’t regulated, there is a chance that phthalates, a dangerous chemical in some type of plastic may be present in them. A report from the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) found that phthalates can disrupt our hormones. 

Granted, there are adult toys out there made from safe plastic, but identifying them may be an issue for you. So it’s best you avoid them totally.

Never use your adult toys without first cleaning it 

Cleaning your sex toys regularly can reduce the risk of you having any type of infection. Experts recommend cleaning sex toys after using them and before you use them again. This may seem like an overkill for some, but it is not. Dust can build up on your toy in the area you store it. So it is important to clean it before using it. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning sex toys can help ensure that they last long. Some sex toys are dishwasher safe, while others are meant to be washed by hand. 

Always clean your sex toy before using it to stimulate another area

There are sex toys that have multiple purposes. You can use them to stimulate your clit, vagina, and even your anus. Before moving from one part of your body to another, it is important that you first clean your sex toy or change your condom

A recent study pointed out that if the bacteria in the anus migrate to the urethra, they can cause urinary tract infections and other STIs. 

Don’t use household items as adult toys

Household items should never be used as sex toys, as they are not designed for that. Using electric toothbrushes, your phone, or any other items that vibrate isn’t a good idea. They may contain germs and bacteria that can cause STIs. Also, they may cause a caustic reaction if their batteries aren’t well enclosed.

Using fruits like bananas and cucumber for solo masturbation isn’t by no means a good idea. These fruits are porous and may carry bacteria that can cause an infection. 

Don’t buy adult toys from shady brands

While you have the freedom to buy any type of sex toy, it is important that you pay attention to the brand that is offering them. Not all adult toy brands are transparent about how their products are manufactured. Companies that don’t shed light on their manufacturing process and other key information about their products are likely shady. 

An easy way to know if a brand is reputable is to check its online reviews. If verified customers have good things to say about their products, they are likely credible. 

Stop using a sex toy if you experience discomfort 

Using a sex toy ought to be a fun and exciting experience. If you happen to experience pain, a burning sensation, and itchiness after using a sex toy, you should stop using it. 

Final note

Following the rules stated above will help ensure that you have a safe and fun time each time you use your sex toy. Stay away from sex toys that are made with low-quality materials and are offered by shady brands.