Is it possible to make sex toys at home? Yes, it is possible. 

Whether you are on a tight budget and cannot afford your dream sex toy or you aren’t really sure which sex toy will be good for you, it is possible for you to experiment and pleasure yourself with a homemade sex toy.  

Making a sex toy at home may seem like a daunting task because you have no experience making it. Well, the truth is that making a sex toy at home is super easy and requires no special skill or experience. 

In this article, we are going to shed light on how to make sex toys for men and women. We are also going to discuss some things you should keep in mind when using homemade sex toys. 

How to make sex toys for men 

While there are some sex toys that can pleasure both men and women, there are some that are made exclusively for men. If you don’t have a partner and you plan on going solo, you should try out any of the following sex toys. 


There are certain fruits that can serve as sex toys for men. For example, watermelon can be used for penetration. Here is how to use a watermelon to address your pleasure needs. 

  • Wash your watermelon to remove dirt and debris.
  • Use a knife to cut a small hole into it (The size of the opening should match the size of your penis)
  • Put on a condom 
  • Start penetrating the fruit 

You are going to experience an amazing sensation and even get a strong orgasm when penetrating the fruit. 

Note that you can use certain fruits to learn how to pleasure your partner. For example, you can use an orange to practice fingering and to up your oral game.  


Using fruits as a sex toy is great, but it likely going to leave a mess. If you want to pleasure yourself without worrying about cleaning up afterward, you should consider using a fleshlight. 

A fleshlight is an artificial vagina that can be used as a stroker or a male masturbator. On the market, a fleshlight is worth a hundred dollars or more. 

Well, the good news is that if you can’t afford it, you can easily make one in the comfort of your home. Here is how to make two types of fleshlight. 

Towel fleshlight 

  • Get some clean towels 
  • Put them in a dryer for a short while 
  • Run the towels under hot water. 
  • Wear a condom 
  • Warp the warm towel around your erection 
  • Stroke your penis with the towel until you climax 

You can add lube inside the condom to have a pleasurable experience. 

Sponge fleshlight 

  • Put some clean sponge into a cylindrical can like a pringle can 
  • Use a condom to cover the can 
  • Use a rubber band to secure the condom to the can 
  • Penetrate the can until you climax 

How to make sex toys for women 

Electric toothbrush 

Even if you don’t have a fancy vibrator, it is still possible to pleasure yourself to orgasm. All you need is an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is a perfect sex toy for women as it is easy to use. Even more, it is versatile and can be used for penetration and clitoral stimulation. 

Whether your electric toothbrush is brand new or not, you should cover it with a condom before using it to pleasure yourself. This will prevent germs and bacteria from entering your private area. 

Paper pins and clips 

Do you enjoy nipple play? If you do, you may be considering buying a nipple clamp. Well, there are a few inexpensive items that can do the job of a nipple clamp. Paper pins and clips are an excellent alternative to a nipple clamp. 


You can use the back side of your favorite hairbrush to stimulate your clit and also for penetration. Ensure that you clean your hairbrush with soap and water before using it. You can go the extra mile by covering it with a condom.  

Things you must keep in mind when using homemade sex toys 

  • Ensure that your homemade sex toy is clean and germ-free before using it
  • When possible, use a condom to cover your homemade sex toy before using it 
  • Don’t use the bristle side of an electric toothbrush to pleasure yourself, as it can cause irritation. 
  • Never insert homemade sex toys that don’t have a good grip into your anus or vagina (they may get lost inside)

Final note 

You don’t need to have a fancy sex toy before you can have an amazing private time. As mentioned above, you can use household items like an electric toothbrush, a hairbrush, and a homemade fleshlight to pleasure yourself. Be sure to clean them thoroughly before using them.