Parting ways with old sex toys is a challenge for many, especially if it has been reliable and effective. Just like other devices, sex toys don’t last forever. So after a while, their performance may start to decline.

 Regardless of how expensive or how pleasurable a toy is, you should make plans to replace it on time. Waiting for it to stop working before replacing isn’t really a good idea. Health experts have pointed out that using old and deformed sex toys may affect your general and sexual health

 In this article, we are going to be unveiling some signs that you should change your sex toys

6 signs that you should change your old sex toys

Visible damage

Before using your sex toy it is important that you first inspect every part of it. If you notice cracks, holes, dents, or openings, you should replace them as quickly as possible.

The cracks and openings you see may be home to bacteria that can cause severe infections. As you likely know, your skin down there is sensitive. So if you use a damaged toy on it, there is a chance that your skin will be irritated.

Declining performance of the motor in your old sex toys

Even if you buy a high-end vibrator, the efficiency and performance of its motor may slowly reduce after several months of use. When this happens, the toy may not be able to stimulate you to orgasm.

The best course of action here is to replace it.

Note that sex toys with a weak motor aren’t dangerous to use. So you can choose to keep them. That said, if you do, you are indirectly putting your pleasure needs at risk. The averagely performing device may give out on you in the middle of a pleasure session.

 You no longer find pleasure in using it

Your sex toy doesn’t have to be damaged or faulty before replacing it. After using a sex toy for weeks or months, your preference may change. You may start to relish a new type of sensation. Don’t feel bad or guilty if you plan to retire a perfectly working sex toy because of these reasons.

Sex experts usually encourage people who are new to sex toys to start with something inexpensive, as they don’t know much about their bodies.

So if you are having a hard time making the big decision to dispose of your old sex toy, you should remember that you deserve the best. Don’t hold back, dispose of it.

Deformed shape

The shape of a sex toy usually determines how pleasurable it will be to use. So before a pleasure session, you should take a moment to check if its shape is intact.

Sex toys that are made from materials like jelly and plastic are prone to deformation. Their change in shape could be because of several reasons. For example, an increase in the temperature of the place they are kept could make them melt. Exposing them to chemicals they are incompatible with could also cause them to shapeshift. Note that some lube contains chemicals that may react with the materials your sex toy is made from.

 Faded look of old sex toys

Most sex toy owners fixate only on the performance of their device and ignore its physical appearance. So even when the color of their sex toy starts to fade they will not be too concerned.

 Experts have pointed out that a change in the color or appearance of a sex toy could be an indication that it is deteriorating. The discoloration and fading could be a result of microscopic tears, cracks, and fissures. Infection-causing microbes could be present in these tiny cracks. 

The sex toy starts to malfunction

There are tons of reasons why your sex toy may start to malfunction. For example, if it fell by accident or was exposed to water.

If this happens to your old toy and there is no way for you to fix it, you should consider replacing it. Never should you use a sex toy that isn’t functioning properly, as it poses a risk to your health. A malfunctioning adult toy can irritate your skin and cause an injury.

Final note

There you have it, some signs that you should replace your old sex toys. Even if you have a high-quality or luxury sex toy, you need to keep in mind that it isn’t going to last forever. After using it for a while, its performance will reduce, its shape may change, and its color may start to fade. Even worse, you may begin to notice signs of crack or dent. You should make plans to replace it as soon as you see these signs.