Learning the best shower sex positions will help ensure that you have an amazing shower sex experience. While you have the freedom to try out any sex position in the shower, you need to keep in mind that not all sex positions are safe to try in the shower. One wrong move can lead to a fall or serious injury. These injuries may take a couple of weeks or even longer to heal. Your sex life will be on hold during this period. 

Granted, shower sex has its fair share of risks, but you should still consider trying it out. If you are looking to spice up your sex life or try something new, you should give shower sex a try. 

Note that most sex positions won’t work in the bathroom. And even if you can pull them off, you may not have a great experience. This article is going to unveil some of the best shower sex positions. 

Best shower sex position


Standing is an easy and straightforward sex position you can try in the shower. All you need to do is to stand behind your partner and penetrate from behind. Your partner can hold on to the bathroom wall to increase stability and safety. Only trying this position if your bathroom walls are sturdy. You can use sex toys like cock rings to take make things more interesting. 

Standing doggy 

Standing doggy is one of the easiest shower sex positions. Besides being easy, it is pleasurable. Even more, it allows for deeper penetration. The risk of falling while trying out this sex position is very slim. This is because your partner can hold on to something (shower floor or shower wall). That said, the person thrusting must do it moderately. Thrusting with too much intensity can increase the risk of a fall or injury. You should only try out this sex position if your bathroom floor has a non-slip surface. 

How to perform standing doggy

Standing doggy is almost like a regular doggy style. The only difference is that you are standing. Bend over while your partner penetrates you from behind. Steady yourself by holding the floor or shower wall. 

The Bridge- best shower sex position why you are lazy 

This sex position is perfect for couples who want something different, exciting, and challenging. While this position isn’t the safest out there, it is one of the most pleasurable as it allows room for easy penetration. Be sure to get a towel or a soft mat before trying out this sex position 

How to perform the bridge

The person penetrating should kneel on something soft, like a towel or cushioned mat. The other person should lie down and lift their back. The person kneeling should grab the person lying on their hips and pull closer to themselves.  

The proposal of best shower sex positions

If kneeling isn’t a problem for you and your partner, you will love this shower sex position. This position is very stable and allows room for easy penetration. 

Here is how to perform the proposal 

You and your partner should get on one knee and get close to each other until penetration is possible. 

3-legged dog – best shower sex position for couples who worry about stability

The problem with many sex positions out there is that couples struggle to stabilize themself while trying them. The same cannot be said about 3-legged dogs as couples can stabilize themselves easily. Since you aren’t worrying about stabilizing yourself, you can focus more on penetration angles. If you try out this position, you can be confident of having painless and pleasurable sex. Even more, you won’t have to worry about slipping or falling. Try not to thrust too hard so that you don’t lose balance. 

Here is how to perform 3 legged dog

Lean against your bathroom wall, spread your legs, and raise one of your legs. Your partner should hold the raised leg and grab your back and start thrusting. 

Final note 

Shower sex is something every couple should try out at least once. Shower sex is pleasurable and exciting. So take a break from your bedroom and try doing it in the shower. Regardless of the shower sex position your choose, safety should be at the top of your priorities. Ensure that your shower is clean and in good condition before giving shower sex a try.