Taking your solo sex experience to the next level should be at the top of your priorities. As you likely know, pleasing yourself is a form of self-care. Whether you are in a thriving relationship or you are single you should explore your body now and then. Doing this isn’t just only fun but also pleasurable.

If you are in a relationship you may be skeptical about masturbating, as it may affect your relationship with your partner in some way. Well, the truth is that having solo sex may improve your sexual experience when you are with your partner. Since you now have a clear picture of your hotspots and what makes you tick you will be able to guide your partner better. And at the end of the day, you are going to have great sex. 

Benefits you will enjoy when you up your solo sex experience 

It helps you accept yourself 

Many people aren’t comfortable in their skin and sometimes feel afraid and self-conscious, This is caused by everything from negative experiences in the past, negative ideas stuck in your head, and so on. Pleasuring yourself will not only help you accept yourself but also make you start to love and appreciate your body. 

Reduce anxiety 

Masturbating can help quell your anxiety and improve your general health. Sex experts have pointed out masturbating can also improve blood circulation, relieve tension, and improve sleep quality. 

Improve your mood 

Maturbating doesn’t just have physical rewards, it also has mental and emotional benefits. When you climax, your body releases hormones like serotonin and prolactin that can make you happy and help you relax. 

How to improve your solo sex experience 

Get in the mood

Before pleasuring yourself with your favorite sex toy, it is important that you first set the mood. Doing this can have a massive impact on your experience. You see, if you are tired and your thoughts are everywhere it will be difficult for you to listen to your body. 

Below are some things you can do to get yourself in the mood. 


Set a few minutes aside to relax and meditate. Your goal should be to clear your head. Many apps are designed to help you become mindful and calm you down. 

Take a bath 

Taking a warm bath can improve your mood and prepare your body. You can go the extra mile by using essential oils. 


Certain songs can set the mood. So before your masturbating session, you should play a few songs that make you feel hot and sexy. 

Clean your room 

A clean space will improve everything from your concentration to your mood. Set aside to clean your room. You can take things to the next level by using scented candles and rose petals. 

Foreplay is important AND CAN improve your solo sex experience

To have a great solo session, you should start with a bit of foreplay. Foreplay here means touching yourself softly, massaging your neck and other part of your body. You are free to moan as you do this. Keep in mind that foreplay can turn you on help yourself lubricate before you start using your sex toys

Pick the right sex toys 

Using your hands to pleasure yourself is somewhat daunting. Sex toys can pleasure you a lot better than your hands. Using them is pretty easy. Most of the time you only have to press a button and place them on the sensitive parts of your body. Be sure to explore the various speed and vibrating settings of your sex toy to narrow down what works for you. 

Final note 

Applying the tips discussed in this article will go a long way in improving your solo sex experience. Remember that the sex toy you use can have a huge effect on your experience. It is always a good idea to pick something powerful, portable, and easy to use.