Many people have the notion that sex toys are made specifically for women. But that is far from the truth, as there are a lot of sex toys that are made exclusively for men.

If you are open-minded and want to explore new sensations you should consider getting a sex toy. Keep in mind that some male sex toys can be used during intercourse. So, if you have a partner, you should consider getting a cock ring or other sex toys that can stimulate both you and your partner.

If you are new to adult toys, you may have a hard time choosing among the different male sex toys on the market. To make an informed decision, you are going to need all the help you can get.

This article unveils some of the best sex toys for men.

Top sex toys for men

Prostate massagers

Most prostate massagers on the market have a curved design. This makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate. The prostate is located two to three inches into the butt hole.

How to use prostate massagers  

Get comfortable – To have a pleasurable experience, you have to relax. You can go the extra mile by lighting some candles and listening to soothing music.

Apply lube– Apply anal lube to reduce the risk of tear and injury.

Insert your fingers first– Slowly slide your fingers into your ass and massager the upper part of your rectum.

Use the prostate massager– Take out your finger and slowly insert the prostate massager into your anus.

Butt plugs

This is an excellent toy for men who want to try something new. Butt plugs are easy to use and safe.

Most butt plugs on the market have a conical or tear shape with a wide base. You can wear them at home or when having sex with your partner.  

How to use a butt plug

Lube up – Since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, it is important that you apply some lube before inserting a butt plug.

Slowly insert – All you have to do here is to slowly stuff the butt plug into your ass.

Massage your prostate– Massaging your prostate with a butt plug will help you achieve a strong orgasm.

Cock rings – Best sex toy for men with erection issues

Cock rings are a must-have for men with erection issues. Besides stimulating the penis, a cock ring can help you maintain an erection, make your penis bigger and harder, and help you last for a longer period. Cock rings can also stimulate your partner if you wear them during intercourse.

How to use cock rings

Apply lube– Spread a few drops of lube on the inner part of the device. This will make it easy for it to slide into your penis.

Semi-erect – Placing a cock ring on an erect penis is difficult, especially if you are using a small cock ring. It is best to slide it over your penis when it is semi-erect.

Don’t use it for too long – Only use cock rings for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Using it for too long can cause tissue damage.

Male vibrators – Best sex toy for men who want stronger orgasms

Male vibrators, which come in different shapes and sizes, are designed to stimulate the penis. So if you have been using your hands, you should consider upgrading to a male vibrator, as it can do a better job. Male vibrators are fun to use and have different vibration patterns and settings.

Penis pump

This toy is a game changer for men, as it can improve their sexual performance and their penis size. The device is vacuum sealed and can increase blood flow to the cock. A penis pump is perfect for men with erectile dysfunction.

How to use a penis pump

Apply lube – Take a small amount of your favorite lube and spread it on your penis. This will help prevent irritation.

Power the device–  if the device is electric powered you should plug it into an electric outlet. On the other hand, if it is battery-powered, you should insert a battery.

Insert your penis– All you have to do here is to insert your dick into the tube.

Turn on the device- The vacuum created by the device will increase blood flow in your penis. Once your penis is erect, you should place a constriction ring close to the base of your penis. Remove your penis from the tube when you are done

Final note

 Sex toys are a must-have for men who want to take their sexual experience to the next level. So if you are new to sex toys, you should consider opting for any of the sex toys discussed in this article. You won’t regret it.