Using sex toys can improve your physical and mental health. So if you are considering opting for them, now is the time to take action.

Most people have the notion that sex toys are just pleasure devices. But health experts and researchers have pointed out that they are a lot more than that.

Over the last couple of years, multiple studies were conducted to see just how effective sex toys are in improving our health. The positive results of these studies are a clear indication that sex toys are amazing.

This article explores some of the health benefits of using adult toys.

Physical and psychological benefits of using sex toys

 Improve sleep quality

Our body needs sleep to function properly. Without quality sleep, our physical and mental performance will reduce drastically. Research suggests that sleep can lower anxiety and depression and improve our cognitive ability and sex drive.

 Dr. Donaghue, a sex expert pointed out that sex and masturbation can help address insomnia. The chemical compounds (endorphins and oxytocin) that are released in the brain when we masturbate can help us sleep better.

With the help of a sex toy, couples and singles can pleasure themselves to an orgasm every night and sleep better.   

Address sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is very common these days. Studies have shown that 43% of women and 31% of men have sexual dysfunction. People with this issue usually have low confidence and self-esteem. This is obviously because they can’t perform well in bed. 

Health experts have buttressed that sex toys can help people with issues like performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

Cock rings are an excellent pick for men who struggle to maintain an erection during intercourse. Rabbit vibrators can help women who struggle to climax.

While orgasm isn’t the main goal during intercourse, there is no denying that it can make the experience more amazing.    

Using sex toys can Improve relationships

Open-minded couples who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and try new things are more likely to stay together. Couples who try kinky stuff, sex toys, and explore their fantasies are less likely to become bored.

 Embracing sex toys can improve communications between partners. This, thus, will strengthen their bond and improve their relationship. And if your relationship with your partner is thriving, everything from your mood to your productivity will improve.

Build your confidence by using sex toys

Exploring the ins and out of your body will make you appreciate it more. One of the most effective ways to explore your body is with a sex toy. If you own a good sex toy, you will be able to narrow down pleasure areas, stimulate yourself in new ways, and experience new sensations.

Masturbating with a sex toy weekly can have a positive effect on your overall appearance and self-esteem.

Reduce stress 

Pleasuring yourself with a sex toy is an excellent way to reduce stress and relax. Studies have shown that our body releases endorphins, a hormone that helps us relax and feel good when we have sex or masturbate. Besides making you calm, the hormone can reduce headaches caused by the demanding activities you engaged in during your day.

 Keep in mind that there is no single or group of sex toys that can help you release stress. The best sex toy is the one that you enjoy using. 

So take a bold step out of your comfort zone. You never know what you might find.

Increase libido

It is normal to experience dry spells at some point in your relationship. If you have been doing the same thing in the bedroom over and over again, you are going to get bored eventually. Even worse, your sex drive may reduce.

Studies have shown that women who use sex toys usually have a high sex drive. So if you want to increase your sex drive quickly, you should consider pleasuring yourself with a vibrator.

Introducing sex toys into your relationship can help keep things interesting. Most of the sex toys on the market have many fun features that can help you climax quicker.

Using sex toys is a great way to address vaginismus

Vaginismus is a health condition that causes women to experience severe pain when penetrated. The pain occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are tensed. Using a sex toy can help make the muscles in the pelvic floor area less tense. This, thus, will reduce pain during intercourse.

Final note

There you have it, the physical and mental health benefits of using sex toys. So if you have been experiencing everything from stress to low sex drive, you should consider buying a sex toy. As you know, there are different types of sex toys on the market. Before choosing among them, you should first consider your unique needs.