To boost your sex drive you may have to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. While there are a lot of suggestions on how to boost libido on the internet, only a handful are science-backed. This article is going to unveil some of them. 

 Whether there has been a gradual or rapid decline in your sex drive in the last couple of months or years, there is a chance that you can turn things around. Always remember that the decline in your libido level may not be your fault. Health experts have pointed out that everything from age to certain health conditions can affect sex drive. That said, it is worth noting that anxiety, low self-esteem, and relationship issues can also contribute to low libido. 

Researched backed ways to boost your sex drive 

Spend my time on foreplay 

Improving your sexual experience is a surefire way to boost your libido. If you’re amazing sex with your partner, you are likely going to desire sex in the near future. A simple way to improve your bedroom experience is to focus more on foreplay.

A study conducted in 2017 found that 33 percent of women require clitoral stimulation to climax. The study went along to point out that only 18 percent of women can climax strictly by intercourse. The bottom line here is that foreplay is important and can improve the sex experience of couples. So instead of focusing on penetrating your partner, you should spend more time kissing, touching, and using sex toys

Reducing your stress levels can boost your sex drive 

A 2017 study on young men with erectile dysfunction found that everything from anxiety to high-stress levels can result in low libido. 

High anxiety and stress levels can negatively affect sexual function in men and women. This explains why people with very demanding jobs, or those juggling many responsibilities have little or no desire to have sex. 

Below are some effective ways to manage your stress levels. 

  •  Workout a few times a week
  • Engage in activities or hobbies that you enjoy 
  • Ensure that you are getting enough rest 
  • Talk with a reputable therapist 
  • Improve your diet 
  • Work on your relationship with your family, friends, and partner. 

Eat healthy foods 

The food you eat may be the cause of your low sex drive. If your diet comprises unhealthy foods loaded with sugar and unhealthy fat, your libido level is going to decline rapidly 

Even worse, you may become prone to conditions like cardiovascular diseases and polycystic ovarian syndrome which can negatively affect your sexual health and reduce your libido level 

Following a healthy diet that is low in sugar and rich in protein and veggies will go a long way in preventing your sex drive from declining. 

Exercising regularly can boost your sex drive 

Creating time to work out a few times a week can improve your sex drive drastically. A 2015 study found that exercising regularly can help men and women boost their sex drive.

Working out regularly can also improve your relationship, boost your mood and help you cope with the body image concerns that you have. 

If you are just starting out or you are new to working out, you can start by making some key changes to your routine. For example, you can choose to take the stairs instead of an elevator or you can go for a walk around your neighborhood a few times a week. 

Ensure that you are getting enough rest 

Sleeping for the recommended 8 hours can do a lot more than improve your mood and boost your energy level. Health experts have pointed out that it can also improve your sex drive. 

A 2015 study on young women found out how sleep affects libido. The test subjects who slept for longer hours had a higher sex drive than those that had a shorter sleep time. 

Final note 

There you have it, some science-backed ways to boost your sex drive. Applying the tips discussed in this article will go a long way in increasing your libido, self-esteem, and general health. If you need further help, be sure to consult a therapist.