Handling bad sex is challenging for many couples, as they don’t know the right way to go about it. Whether you are unhappy after having sex with your partner or you feel that something is missing, you can be confident that you can turn things around. 

Improving your sexual performance and making your partner feel amazing after every sex session is challenging but possible. This article sheds light on some tips that will help you handle bad sex and improve your bedroom game. Before we dive right into that, we are first going to get a clear picture of what bad sex really is. 

What exactly is bad sex 

Bad sex is characterized by physical or emotional discomfort during sex. It also involves not orgasming. Experts have pointed out that bad sex is caused by poor communication and a lack of connection. So if you aren’t enjoying your sexual sessions with your partner, chances are, you are having bad sex. 

Handling bad sex the right way 

Get comfortable with your partner 

It is next to impossible to have great sex if you aren’t comfortable with your partner. As you know, sex is an intimate act that involves exposing your best and worst parts to someone else. If you aren’t comfortable, you are going to be tensed, afraid that you will be judged, and self-conscious. All this will prevent you from enjoying the experience. 

Below are some ways to become more comfortable with your partner

  • Engage in fun activities (Besides sex)
  • Spend quality time with your partner. 

Never ignore foreplay 

Penetration shouldn’t be your goal when having sex with your partner. Skipping foreplay can ruin your partner’s experience. 

A recent study found that women want men to spend longer time on foreplay, as it allows them more time to become aroused and lubricated. This, thus, will make them comfortable with sex.  

Handling bad sex with good hygiene

Not taking care of your physical well-being can affect your bedroom game negatively. While men and women can be disgusted by poor hygiene, research has shown that women are more sensitive. 

Your partner isn’t going to have great sex if you don’t brush your teeth, use deodorant, and wear clean clothes. That said, it is worth noting that good hygiene is subjective. So it is important to never assume. Instead, you should ask your partner what good hygiene means to him/her. If you have a unique hygiene preference, you should discuss it with your partner. Your bottom line should be ensuring that you are on the same page. 

Trying something new 

As mentioned above, not orgasming may contribute to bad sex.

Well, the good news is that there are a few things you can try to address this issue. One of them is sex toys. Sex toys are easy to use and can make your partner experience out-of-this-world pleasure and strong orgasms. After narrowing down the type of stimulation, your partner is into, you can easily find a toy that will suit her. For example, if she is into clit stimulation, you should opt for a bullet vibrator. Feel free to explore everything from Nipple clamps to anal plugs. 

Besides sex toys, you can try new sex positions. According to sex experts, some sex positions are more stimulating than others. 

Having sex at the wrong time

There are going to be times when you or your partner isn’t going to be in the mood for sex. This may be because of stress, ill health, or other reasons. Well, if this is the case you should wait until your partner is well or rested. Trust me, they aren’t going to have a good time if you force him or her to address your sexual needs.

Communication is an excellent way to handle bad sex 

Not communicating with your mate is a surefire way to have bad sex. There is no way to know what your partner wants you to do or stop doing when having sex if you don’t communicate with her.

If you are having a tough time opening up to your partner, should consider seeing a counselor. 

Final note 

Bad sex is a very common issue. Addressing it will take a little bit of effort from you and your partner. Spending more time on foreplay, communicating better, embracing new things, improving your personal hygiene, and getting more comfortable with your partner will help turn things around.