Truth be told, everyone wants to have great sex. This is why most people are crazy about pills and supplements that can improve their sexual performance. 

Improving your bedroom game starts with identifying the reasons why you aren’t having amazing sex with your partner. Recent studies show that everything from ED (Erectile dysfunction), and hormonal change, to vagina pain negatively affects the sex life of couples. It is also worth pointing out that aging can also contribute to stale sex. 

Regardless of the nature of the issue that is affecting your sexual performance, it is possible to turn things around. Thanks to the rapid development in the health space, some medications and professionals can help you scale through your sex problems for good. 

The truth is that you can address some of your sex problems without seeing a therapist. This article sheds light on some effective things you can do to have better sex with your partner. 

Best tips to have better sex 

Start using lube 

See, your partner isn’t always going to be able to self-lubricate. Aging and hormonal changes can affect the rate at which your partner self-lubricates. Having intercourse when your partner isn’t well-lubricated or is suffering from issues like vaginal dryness isn’t pleasurable. You can address this issue by using lube. The right lubricant can help reduce friction and make sex more enjoyable. If you are going to be using adult toys, you should pay attention to the type of lube you use. Silicone lube should not be used with silicone sex toys. Water-based lube is a better option. Be sure to avoid scented and flavored lube as they may cause other issues. 

Don’t ignore physical affection 

This isn’t an effective way to keep your relationship floating and ultimately improve your sex life. Every relationship has its highs and lows. There are going to be times when you will be upset, sad, or tired. Regardless of how you feel you must maintain physical affection. Kissing, hugging, and cuddling can help maintain the bond you have with your mate. This is going to make it easy for both of you to connect in the bedroom. 

You need to educate yourself to have better sex 

The solution to the sexual issues you and your mate are facing is in books and on the internet. You just have to make time to get these books or visit a reputable site to read them. Reading about sex-related matters with your partner can be very rewarding, as both of you will learn many new things. 

If talking to a therapist is too much of a challenge for you, you can get the answers to the issues you are facing on the books. Reading can also help even after you have narrowed down your sexual issues. There may be materials on how to manage it and prevent it from worsening. 

Start using sex toys 

Sex toys are a must-have for couples. As soon as you start using them you can be confident of having strong orgasms and better sex. Vibrators, prostate massagers and cock rings, and wand vibrators can make your sex life fun and exciting again. If you are new to sex toys, you should start with something small like a bullet vibrator. You can explore other adult toys as you become more comfortable using them. 

Reduce your stress level 

Stress can affect every facet of your life. Your sexual performance is going to decline when you are stressed. Your partner’s libido is also going to be affected. You can turn things around by engaging in activities that can reduce your stress levels. Yoga, going out on a date, exercise, and a vaccination can help reduce your stress level.

Final note 

Improving your sexual performance is going to take some time. It is also going to require you and your partner to make some lifestyle changes. Introducing sex toys into your bedroom, reducing your stress levels, and using lube can also help.