To make sex more enjoyable, couples have to change their mindset towards sex and try new things. Talking about mindset, many couples have the notion that the goal of sex is to have an orgasm. Experts have pointed out that couples who think along this line may not always have great and enjoyable sex. You see, sex is a fun activity that improves the bond and connection between couples. Focusing too much on having an orgasm may take the fun out of it.

If your sex life has been stale lately or you want to spice it up, there are a few things you should do. This article sheds light on some of them.

Make sex more enjoyable by following these tips 

Explore sex toys

Sex toys are a must-have for couples who aren’t having a great time in the bedroom.

Sex toys come in different shapes and sizes and will open you to a world of pleasure you never knew existed. Vibrators, nipple clamps, cock rings, and anal plugs are perfect couples. To have an amazing experience with a sex toy, it is best for couples to shop for them together. 

While you have the freedom to choose any adult toy, it is wise you pick something easy to use like a bullet vibrator if you are new to adult toys. As you become more comfortable with sex toys, you can try out a massage table bondage kit, whips, and wand vibrators. 

Focus on foreplay 

See, it is going to be difficult for you and your partner to have amazing sex if you ignore foreplay. Skipping foreplay or rushing it can have serious consequences. Sex experts have pointed out that foreplay arouses women and helps them self-lubricate. If you skip this step your partner isn’t going to be well lubricated. When this happens, your partner is going to experience pain during penetration. 

A simple way to prevent this is to set at least 30 minutes for foreplay before penetration. Use the time set aside for foreplay to stimulate and explore each other’s body. 

Go with the flow 

Most couples have set aside days (during a week) or a specific time when they have sex. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is sometimes good to go with the flow. So if you are in the mood, you may not need to wait till the time and day you have set aside to be intimate. 

Engage in fun activities outside the bedroom can make sex more enjoyable 

The things you do outside the bedroom can have an impact on your sex life. Couples who go on dates and engage in fun activities are more likely to have better sex. You see, spending quality time with your partner will strengthen your relationship and the love you have for them. This will make it easier for you to connect with them when having sex and address their sexual need better.

Talk to a therapist 

There are a pectoral of reasons why your sex life isn’t as fun as it was before. An effective way to narrow down the issue and find a solution for the problem is to consult a sex expert or therapist. These professionals will be able to provide the information and support you need to scale through the issue you are facing. 

Discuss with your partner 

See, there is no way your partner is going to know the sensations you enjoy and your erogenous zones if you don’t tell them. Make time to discuss your sexual needs with your partner. Be as clear as possible and help them understand how to please you sexually. Be sure to do the same.  

Take a break 

Couples who have regular sex but don’t seem to enjoy it should consider taking a break from sex for a couple of days or weeks. During the break period, they should focus on improving their communication, having fun, and learning more about each other.

Final note 

Following the tips discussed in this article will go a long way in improving your sex life. Keep in mind that you may not get the result or experience you want overnight. It may take a while before your sex life improves even after applying the tips discussed in this article. And if after your best efforts, things don’t improve you should consult a therapist.