Couples are often carried away by routine, both emotionally and passionately. In the end, sex life and sessions are usually very similar to each other, making them even boring. To avoid this, the issue of excitement and desire mustn’t be left in the background. It is necessary to be cultivated like on the first day. You need to dare try new things and start enjoying sex like never before. This is the only way each encounter in bed can be different, fun, and very exciting. In this article, we will reveal how to have better sex.

Ways to improve your sex life

1. Plan every sexual encounter.

Even though this advice seems cold and unpassionate to us, the truth is that you must plan the erotic dates you are going to have with your partner. This helps you create an intimate climate and prepare for both of you to enjoy sex. When you have a date with your partner, shave and perfume yourself when you want to dedicate a night to passion with your partner. It is also advisable that you bring out the best part of yourself. Show yourself in your maximum splendor and dress in sexy underwear that will drive him crazy with desire for you.

In addition, during the day, you can anticipate your partner with what he will find when he gets home. You can send him messages by mobile, by email, etc., where you quote him at home at a specific time and explain that you want to see him and be with them. Creating an anticipated climate of desire and sensuality is an entertaining and exciting way to receive the night and be mentally predisposed to it.

2. Keeping stress away from your sex life

It is also essential for sex to be pleasant, and you both enjoy your encounter. If you or your partner have had a bad day, are worried about something, or are very tired, it is best not to force the situation. It is best to leave your encounter for another calmer moment. Stressed sex usually does not go well because communication in bed is lost. The head can go somewhere else, and, in the end, the experience ends up being bland and monotonous.

Sex deserves to be treated with all the calm and care it needs, especially if you have been with a person for quite some time. More attention is required to what is being done. Taking care of the room’s ambiance, your appearance, and not being in a hurry to finish are some of the basic rules to having better sex.

3. Change sex habits

Changing the habits you have created with your sex partner is also essential to enjoying an incredible experience. Leaving the bed behind to enjoy other places in the house to have sex is recommended to bring that touch of fun and passion into your relationship. You can also break with the norm and, instead of waiting for the night to come to be able to find you, surprise your partner and attack him in the shower by getting inside. Being spontaneous, surprising and fun is very important to improve your sex life and have a great time.

4. Try new sex gestures

To have a better sex life, you must be predisposed to try new experiences. You have to try new sexual postures to help you enjoy another stimulation. Also, you need to discover the sensuality of your body. You can dare to introduce some erotic games into bed and, for example, dress in some costume to play roles or introduce toys such as vibrating rings, vibrators, etc. You can try many new things designed to offer you more fun and a pleasant experience, so dare with everything!

5. Incorporate toys into your sex life

The best sex gestures are with sex toys. As couples, you can benefit greatly if you allow toys such as vibrators or dildos in your foreplay. Sex toys are very famous, whether for pleasure, getting to know our bodies, or spicing up the relationship.

With the technological advancements, we now have super modern and multifunctional versions. Anyone who thinks toys are designed exclusively for women is wrong! Today, there are many of them for men and used as a couple. If you like something new or want to get out of the routine, bet on cock rings, perineal stimulators, or double use during the moment for two. Toys are great for enjoying the pleasure better, exploring your body more, and understanding what you like best.

6. Use Erotic fantasies

Erotic fantasies are to be fulfilled! Whether you have a partner or lovers. An excellent way to enjoy sex more is to fulfill some of your fantasies and, thus, be able to satisfy your most hidden desires. But if your fantasy is somewhat special, you need to talk about it with your partner so that you both feel comfortable with it and enjoy it.

One fantasy you can do as a couple is to find your partner at work wearing only one trench coat with nothing underneath. Going to the hotel to fulfill your desire will be a sea of excitement you’ll see! You can also try the roles of submissive/dominant and incorporate erotic items such as handcuffs, bandages, whips, etc.

7. Use sexy words

Dare to use spicy words in bed to increase sexual desire and enjoy a spicy and very sexy experience. You must leave shame behind and dare with spicy and suggestive phrases to do this. Using spicy words like “I love your body”, “How you put me”, “Give me strong”, etc will make a huge difference. You must let yourself be carried away by the passion and leave prejudices totally out of bed. This will make you have a fun and passionate time with your partner.


It is essential to have better sex, exploit your wildest side, and let yourself be carried away by passion and excitement. It is vital to enjoy sex, to give ourselves to that act, and, in case we do not feel like it, we can leave it for another time or meet the needs of our partner with masturbation or oral sex.