What is temperature-play? Can it make things more interesting in the bedroom? If you have asked yourself these questions, you are not alone. You see, many couples have heard about temperature play but only a few of them have a clear picture of what it is about. 

Learning how temperature play works is going to make your sex life more fun and exciting. Just like sex toys, temperature play will help you experience unique sensations that will drive you wild. Besides creating a new sensory dimension for you to experience, temperature play will also heighten your arousal.

To have an amazing experience while experimenting with temperature play, you should learn as much as you can about it. The way and manner you introduce it into your sex life matters. This article is going to arm you with the intricate information you need to explore temperature play safely. 

What is temperature-play?

In simple terms, temperature play means exploring different temperatures during sex. It could also be a part of foreplay and BDSM play. While temperature play can be done at different intensities, your goal should be to find a middle ground that you and your partner will enjoy. 

Many couples find temperature play pleasurable because it stimulates nerve endings and increases blood flow. This, thus, will make you experience waves of pleasure. 

Introducing temperature play into the bedroom 

Below are some tips that will help you have an amazing experience when experimenting with temperature play. 

Start slow

If you are new to temperature play, it is best you start with cooling or heating lube. Candle wax may be too much for you. It is also a good idea to try out both hot and cold temperatures. This way, you will be able to narrow down the one you enjoy the most. 

Don’t leave your sex toys out 

Sex toys are perfect for experimenting with temperature play. If you have a dildo or vibrator, you can heat them up or cool them down (put them in a refrigerator) before using them. If you don’t have sex toys, you can use household items. Make sure you clean them thoroughly before using them. 

Be open-minded 

If you really want to enjoy temperature play, you should be ready to step out of your comfort zone and do a little exploring. Try everything from ice cubes to candle wax as you become more comfortable with it. 

Exploring your body will help you know what is temperature-play 

While experimenting with temperature play, you shouldn’t only focus on the genitals. There are other sensitive areas you can explore. For example, you can stimulate the nipples, neck, and even the ass with heated or cold sex toys. 

Keep things interesting 

Remember that you don’t always have to use ice or heated objects during temperature play. You can try licking ice cream or chilled wine off your partner’s breasts. If you want to keep things simple, you should warm or freeze a clean soft cloth and put it in the sensitive areas of your partner’s body. 

Safeword and consent 

Before trying temperature play, you need to first discuss it with your partner. Make sure that they are in the same boat as you before trying it out. It is also important that you have a safe word any of you can mention when things are getting too intense. 

 Final note 

Have you been thinking about exploring temperature play? If yes, now is the time to take action. As mentioned above, temperature play is exciting and will make you experience new sensations. While you have the freedom to go all out, it is wise that you start with something simple like a heated towel or ice cubes.